Jun 22

Update: I’m back to answering questions, but I cannot guarantee any time frame for a response right now. I’ll get to them when I can. My apologies, but this site does not produce any income and I have to concentrate for now on things that will help pay hospital and funeral expenses.

My wife passed away unexpectedly and suddenly on June 16th at the age of 34.
I’ll resume answering questions when things are closer to normal.

10 Responses to “Answers to emailed questions will be delayed”

  1. Garry Dufresne Says:

    I don’t know you, but I am very sorry to hear about your loss. I will send my wishes for grace for you and your family in getting through this.

  2. Regan Ronayne Says:

    What a horrible shock. My condolences to you and your loved ones.

  3. Jessica Says:

    So sorry to hear about your loss. You will be in my thoughts and prayers.

  4. Laura Dunn Says:

    I am so terribly sorry and would not have bothered you had I read this first. Please accept my condolences at this most difficult time.


  5. Peter Fox Says:

    I was about to request help for my mac, when I saw the sad news about your young wife’s death. My thoughts are very much with you as you go through this terrible time

  6. rebecca may Says:

    hi i don’t know you ! i’m sorry to hear about your loss and such a sudden blow to lose so suddenly. i’m not sure if right thing to say or of your belief system. i lost my neice and the thought of the soul being like a bird in a cage (human body) is set free( death from material world) to soar. It got me by. my thoughts and prayers are with you! i hope you find comfort in the dark times and remember there is always people to turn to sometimes a stranger can say the wrong hope i have not. blessings of love and light to you. becky.This world is only like a blink of an eye and soon you will be again.XX

  7. Margaret Says:

    My sincere sympathy to you and your family.

  8. Julie Says:

    Hello, It’s my first time here and I want you to know if you need to talk, I do understand. My husband died at 44 just 5 months ago, and I sometimes need to talk too. I’m very sorry for your loss, Julie

  9. Chris Says:

    Bill, I’m sorry to hear about your loss. I know it’s some months later now so I hope you can see signs of dawn on the horizon.

  10. steve Says:

    so sorry sir, to hear of your loss