Dec 28

Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Holidays and Happy New Year from MacHELP!

I’ve responded to around 3700 emailed requests for help since January 1st of 2008 (not counting replies or duplicates). I hope to be able to help at least that many people in this coming year.

Just a reminder – MacHELP is a one-man operation (me, myself, and I) and does not have any income or make any profit. I run this site because I like being able to help people. I don’t ask for monetary donations, but if I’m able to solve your problem, please consider buying something from my Amazon Wish List.

Alternately, if you have older Apple hardware please consider donating it so that I can continue to run older versions of OS X and recreate problem environments.

A big thank you to the people who donated a “Blue & White” PowerMac G3 and a dual-CPU PowerMac G4 in 2008. I hope to be able to acquire a PowerMac G5 and some sort of PowerBook or iBook G4 in 2009. If that happens, I’ll be giving the G3 and G4 to a deserving young hacker or a “Computers for Kids” charity here in the Houston area.

As always, if you have questions, comments, suggestions, or just need help with the Mac you just got for Christmas – email and I’ll do what I can!

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