Sep 20

Thanks so much to the crews from out of state (in my neighborhood, guys from NY and Quebec doing line work, with tree crews from CT) who have worked 16-hour shifts for the past week to restore power for Houston’s residents. We lost power the night of Friday the 12th at 2:45am, and got it back today (Saturday the 20th) at 1:15pm.

Now that things are slowly returning to normal, I’ll be catching up on the backlog of email sent to over the next few days.

Sep 14

Offline due to Hurricane Ike

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I’ll be offline and will not be able to respond to MacHelp email questions for a few days; I live in west Houston and have been without power since late Friday night.

I have intermittent Internet access thanks to a generator, but I will not be able to spend any time answering questions until Centerpoint Energy is able to restore power sometime in the next few days.

Your questions are being received, and they’ll be answered as soon as I can get to them.

Sep 09

Apple updates iPod Touch, iPod nano, iTunes

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Apple updated a few of its products today at a “Let’s Rock” media event.

iTunes 8 is free for download and available today. The new version adds the “Genius” feature to suggest music similar to user choices and automatically make playlists, as well as visual album cover browsing.

The second-generation iPod Touch is smaller, lighter, and thinner than the original, with new external volume buttons on the side of the curved aluminum enclosure. Storage options range from 8 to 32G with prices from $229 to $399.

The fourth-generation iPod nano has a new super-slim curved glass and aluminum enclosure, as well as an accelerometer and new colors (silver, purple, blue, green, orange, yellow, pink, red, or black). The 8G model retails for $149 while the 16G model costs $199.