Mar 09

(note: I’m willing to do “real world” reviews of iPhone cases if companies would like to send samples of their products for review)

I’ve had an iPhone since they came out last year, and ever since I got the phone, I’ve been on the search for the perfect iPhone case.

I started out with an iPhone Total Body Skin from BestSkinsEver (ShieldZone sells an identical product, at a higher price). This protects the screen, and adds some not-really-needed protection to the back and sides of the phone that gives me some peace of mind.

After that, I added a generic snug form-fitting rubber/plastic case bought off eBay. It was okay (better than nothing at all), but didn’t quite fit right and started to “sag” and get loose after only a month or so.

My second iPhone case was the Incase Leather Fitted Sleeve for iPhone. I bought this one from the Apple online store, using part of the store credit that Apple gave out after the iPhone price reduction. It was in use less than a week; the case didn’t fit properly (too tight) and the stitching started to put little divots/indentations into the screen and body protective film. The port access holes never lined up right, and the leather bits on the sides of the phone would “roll” one way or the other. I eventually just took it off and threw it in a drawer somewhere.

My third iPhone case was the DLO Jam Jacket. This was a big improvement over the generic rubber sleeve case and the leather fitted case. However, I don’t use the iPhone earbuds and don’t need to carry them around, so I used a razor blade to cut the “earbud holder” off the back of the case. I used that case for six months or so; my only real complaints are that the texture and “tackyness” of the rubber used tends to attract dust and dirt and that the holes on the side for volume and mute access aren’t very user-friendly (I often had to pull the top part of the case off the phone when I needed to get to the mute switch).

I was at MicroCenter tonight, and ran across what is, for me, the best case for the iPhone – the XtremeMac Tuffwrap. It’s got the same basic shape and “grip” as the DLO case but without the headphone stuff on the back, and has nicely-formed ports for access to the lock button, side buttons, and bottom dock connector. It came with a TuffShield screen protector, but I’m not using that because the phone already has a protective skin permanently installed.

Other than the generic rubber case I first got off of eBay, the XtremeMac Tuffwrap is also the cheapest case I’ve purchased for my phone, at $19.95. So far, I’m very happy with it.

7 Responses to “My quest for the best iPhone case”

  1. GaryC Says:

    Best? Vaja cases. High dollar though.

  2. Chloe Says:

    I have got a case from this site. The case is pretty good. I have one of the Diamanti series. It is really sharp and fits my iPhone.

  3. Clare Says:

    I love Ultra Thin Case Leather Grip at I got one in Orange. As its name, it’s Ultra Thin. Most of cases I tried before made iPhone looks bulky, but this one is not. I also like the grip of the case when it’s putted on iPhone. I feel like it fits right into my hand. My best case is this.

  4. atlpatl Says:

    Speck Toughskin.
    Its big, but its taken many 5 foot drops on concrete.
    My phone still looks and works like new.

    It also come with a clip.

  5. Nicole Says:

    I’m thinking of getting this case for my new iPhone once it’s shipped from AT&T –

    Seems to offer what I’m looking for – protection, rubber grips to prevent slipping, and an way to prop the phone up while watching podcasts/videos.

  6. David Says:

    I just bought a case for my iphone 3gs from them and received 15% coupon in email.

    I’ve seen many breakable plastic metallic “feel” cases, but this one is made out of very thin actual aluminum with uv coating layer on. Bought a silver one and it feels like they made a case out of my silver Camry body. It’s like i got nothing on my phone. Good stuff.

    The cases comes with high quality mirror screen protector, and apple logo protector in the back. and it all came with FREE shipping
    coupon code: h85off15
    coupon detail: 15% off for first 100 customers only

    Subtotal: $24.99
    Discount coupon Unset Coupon: $3.75
    Discounted subtotal: $21.24

  7. Dan Says:

    “Bought a silver one and it feels like they made a case out of my silver Camry body. It’s like i got nothing on my phone. Good stuff.”

    If he would’ve said, ‘silver Porsche body’ instead of Camry body, I would have bought “Blinkcase”.