Nov 14

Apple has released OS X version 10.4.11, available via Software Update or download from their support site. A list of fixes and improvements is available here.

2 Responses to “OSX 10.4.11 update released”

  1. Dmitri Terletski Says:

    I really hoped that 10.4.11 would fix USB mass storage connectivity issue. Nada! My photo Booth is not working (camera is not connected … in use by another app. la-la) and USB mem. stick doesn’t do anything. Although according to the press, USB input/output was one of the bugs addressed in 10.4.11… I don’t even know what to do. None of my previously working USB connected devices work since 10.4.10!!!, but keyboard, mouse and directly USB connected dig. cameras. Thank God! Is there anything I can do to restore USB to it’s previous 100% connectivity???

  2. matt Says:

    Since loading this update I have had a problem. My adobe flash player seems to vanish every time I turn my computer off. I power up, go to my browser and all the vids and news I wanna see are blanked out by the qicktime “Q” with a question mark over it. Is there a way to solve this ?