Nov 30

Snerdware has released Groupcal 3, the program that lets you access Microsoft Exchange calendars from iCal.

Cha-Ching (version 0.3.1) is an application that lets you keep track of cash by recording transactions and optionally taking pictures of purchases with an iSight camera.

JABMenu version 1.2 lets you access OS X Address Book information through a system-wide menu. Jon’s Phone Tool, a phone dialer, is now a Universal Binary.

Equinux has released Coverscout 2.3, adding support for QuickTime-compatible cameras and a built-in cover editor.

Embraceware has released Embraceware version 3. Embraceware is a digital alarm clock, and v3 is a complete rewrite featuring a new UI, podcast support, and an emergency alarm feature.

nClass Software has released Corripio version 0.6, its open-source album artwork gathering app.

Nov 08

Apple has announced the Core 2 Duo-based Macbook systems.

Specifications mostly remain unchanged, except for hard drive sizes and the CPU itself, which is now 64-bit capable and has 4M of L2 cache versus the 2M of L2 cache in the Core Duo-based Macbooks.

Prices remain unchanged as well:

$1099: 13.3″, 1.83GHz, 512MB, 60GB, Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950
$1299: 13.3″, 2.0GHz, 1GB, 80GB, Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950
$1499: 13.3″, 2.0GHz, 1GB, 120GB, Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950

Nov 02

Apple has released iTunes 7.0.2, X11 Update 2006, XCode 2.4.1, and a MacBook SMC Firmware Update v1.1 that supposedly fixes the “Random Shutdown” problem.