Oct 23

Snerdware has released AddressX version 1.53, software that lets you access a Microsoft Exchange GAL (Global Address List) via the Apple Address Book.

Jonathan Nathan has released Lilt pre-release version 1.0.

Lilt utilizes the ambient light and sudden motion sensors found on recent Apple Macintosh portable computers to trigger actions such as launching applications, files, or scripts. By launching a script Lilt can do some amazing things. Wave your hand over the light sensors (located under the speaker grills) and play your next iTunes track. Tilt the computer back and hear the time spoken to you. The possibilities are endless.

This version of Lilt is free to download, however it will stop working on October 31, 2006.

madebysofa has released beta versions of two new applications:

Checkout, a new Point of Sale application, is available as a public beta.

“We were trying to find a new Point of Sale system for the store we worked
at. Because we couldn’t find anything good enough, we decided to create it
ourselves.” says Koen Bok, one of Checkout’s creators.

Besides saving time usually spent getting comfortable with a business
application, Checkout saves time every single day you work with it. With
instant search capabilities and a wide selection of keyboard shortcuts
available throughout Checkout’s clear interface, you always have the
information and capabilities you need at your fingertips.

Disco is a highly-anticipated new disc burning application full of features such as:

– Disc spanning
– Full multi session support
– Multi file system support
– One to one copies
– VIDEO_TS burning
– Motion sensor support
– … and a bunch of disc imaging options.
– Discography: a catalog of files burned to disc
– 3D rendered realistic smoke while burning (on supported machines)

The guys at madebysofa have been nice enough to send me a review copy of the beta version of Disco, and I’ll be putting up a review sometime this week. So far, it looks to be able to replace Toast, Dragon Burn, and Burn-OSX for me here at MacHELP.

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