Jun 19

Software: Name Those Files! v2.1

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Jonathan Nathan has released Name Those Files! version 2.1, as a Universal Binary for Mac OS X 10.2 and above. NtF! allows you to easily rename large numbers of files or folders on your Mac using advanced numbering, trimming, and search & replace capabilities.

What’s New in v2.1:
* Added the ability to use any formated date string (similar to strftime) in the prefix or suffix.
* Improved the speed and stability of the actual item rename routine.
* Improved (dramatically) the speed of listing files using EXIF date
* Fixed a bug that caused an error if NtF! attempted to process items with
missing date information.
* Several other minor fixes, improvements, and interface tweaks.

Name Those Files! is $12.50, with a one-week free evaluation and free upgrades for registered users of prior versions.

Jun 15

A Month of Updates

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Due to illness, I’d not been able to update this site as much as I’d like over the past month. Let’s see if I can catch up in a single post.

– Apple released the MacBook, the Intel-based replacement for the iBook G4. The only available screen size is a 13.3″ glossy widescreen, but processor options are 1.83 and 2Ghz Intel Core Duo CPUs, with the choice of white or black enclosures.

– Apple also released Final Cut Express HD version 3.5, a Universal Binary for both PowerPC and Intel-based Macs. Retail price is $299, with a $99 upgrade from prior versions.

– The U2 iPod is back, in a completely black edition of the 30G iPod Video and the band’s autographs on the back. Retail price is $329, only slightly more than the “normal” 30G iPod.

– Equinix releases CoverScout ($15.95) for editing album covers in iTunes, and a new Universal Binary version (1.1) of On Air.

Jonathan Nathan has released Jon’s Phone Tool 3.5 and EntourageABMenu 1.5.

Specere has released Art Collector and Menuet, tools for finding and applying album art to your iTunes music libarary.

XtraLean Software is having a Father’s Day special on their ShutterBug software.

Meetro now supports the Mac with their location-aware social messenging software.