Jan 09

MacGrab.com is a continuous countdown promotion featuring two brand-new applications: AppZapper and Menuet.

A drawing every five minutes during MacWorld Expo ’06 awards AppZapper – a new uninstall utility, and Menuet – a fully-skinnable iTunes controller. At the expo, additional prizes will be awarded from the MacUpdate booth. When the MacGrab sweepstakes ends, seventy-five software licenses will be randomly awarded to particpants, including twenty-five of each: iClip, AppZapper and Menuet.

One Response to “MacGrab MacWorld Expo Giveaway”

  1. Brian Ball Says:

    This has been such a great promotion. The winners can be seen at http://www.macgrab.com/winners.php

    If you read this before the end of Macworld Expo week, come play.