Jan 04

One of the few things I dislike about OS X is that while there’s a great software install system, there’s not a good software uninstall system included with the OS.
Windows has “Add/Remove Programs”. Linux has (in most cases) RPM, and Solaris has pkgadd/pkgrm. Now, there are two solutions for the Mac.

DesInstaller by Nicolas Zinovieff reads through the “receipt” files left by a properly installed package, and allows removal of the application and any files installed. Unfortunately, it does not automatically also remove any preferences or cache files created after installation.

AppZapper by Austin Sarner and Brian Ball is most useful for applications that use a “Drag to your Applications folder” installation procedure. It will automatically detect any preferences, cache, or other files created by an application and allow deletion of them along with the app.

Each of these does something I wish the other would do – but together, they’re a good combination to keep your Mac system clean when removing unwanted software. DesInstaller is free, and AppZapper is $12.95 (and requires OSX 10.4).

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