Nov 26

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Despite what AppleMatters and Ars Technica tell you, it is possible to completely dissasemble the Apple Mighty Mouse without breaking the retaining ring.

All I had to do was slip a razor blade between it and the body of the mouse to cut the glue. I was then able to pop the top of the mouse off the hinges on the bottom, unscrew the “scroll ball” assembly, pop off its top cover, and clean the rollers.
I’ll have to glue the retaining ring back on with a couple dots of superglue, but the mouse works fine without it right now.

Update: Four drops of superglue, and everything’s back together and working perfectly.

One Response to “Mighty Mouse repair without damage”

  1. marc phelps Says:

    If its just a cleaning issue –

    Had a problem with my mmouse – wanted a less invasive and more repeatable operation ( my 12 year old son is not going to develop clean hands anyday soon)

    You need some TFR (traffic film remover) Nearly every car shop sells it. Its a pink liquid used in presure washers and the like to get bugs off cars. Be careful its pretty strong stuff. You need a VERY weak solution (1%max – i just dabbed a tissue in the bottle and then added hald a cup of warm water to it) – it acts as a strong degreasant. Then a couple of cotton buds and just roll the bud on the ball – pressing with your finger. Keeep douing this and you soon see the cotton bud change colour. Obviously dont drench the bud !
    Then dry with a tissue – I repeated this for a couple of minutes and it works like new. Probably better because now I have specailly degreased finger tips too!!