Oct 19

Apple releases Dual-Core Power Mac G5s, new Powerbooks, Photo Editing Software

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Apple released quite a few new products at a press event at PhotoPlus Expo in New York today. First up are the new Power Mac G5 systems, now with dual-core G5 processors across the board. The low end is represented by a single-CPU-dual-core 2.0Ghz system, midrange is a single-CPU-dual-core 2.3Ghz system, and the high end is the Power Mac G5 Quad, with dual 2.5Ghz dual-core G5 processors and up to 16GB of RAM. Standard features on all three systems are a PCI Express expansion bus, two Gigabit Ethernet ports, One FW800/two FW400 ports, four USB2 ports, two USB 1.1 ports, optical digital and analog audio ports, and built-in Bluetooth 2.0/EDR and Airport Extreme wireless connectivity. The Mighty Mouse is also now standard with all iMac/Power Macintosh systems.

Powerbooks also received an update, with the 15 and 17-inch models getting higher screen resolutions (1440×960 and 1680×1050, respectively), up to 46% brighter LCD displays, an increased hour of battery life, 8x DL Superdrives, and 128M Radeon Mobility 9700 graphics with support for the Apple 30″ Cinema Display. The 12″ Powerbook now comes with an 8x DL Superdrive, but got no other updates.

Also announced was Aperture, a “post production” editing suite for professional photographers.

Oct 12

Apple releases new iMac G5, iPod Video, and iTunes 6

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Apple today released an updated iMac G5 in a thinner chassis with 17″ and 20″ displays at speeds of 1.9 and 2.1Ghz. New features include an integrated iSight video camera, Photo Booth software, and IR receiver for the new remote control and Front Row media center software. Graphics have been upgraded to an ATI Radeon X600 Pro or XT on a PCI-E bus, and a Mighty Mouse, Airport Extreme, and Bluetooth 2.0 are now standard.

The iPod was also updated, finally bringing out the long-awaited “Video iPod”. 30 and 60G sizes have up to 20 hours of battery life for music playback or 5 hours of video playback on a 2.5″ color screen. The new iPods are less than half an inch thick and available in white or black finishes.

iTunes 6 now offers music videos and a limited selection of television shows for download (viewable in iTunes or on a video-enabled iPod) at $1.99 each.

Oct 11

Apple Quarterly Results

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Apple released the financial results for the fiscal 2005 fourth quarter (ending September 24th, 2005) today. The highest revenue and earnings in the company’s history consisted of revenue of $3.68 billion and a net quarterly profit of $430 million, or $0.50 per diluted share.