Aug 23

It looks like Google Talk is live!

I’m signed in right now, with these iChat Jabber account settings. I’ve gotten reports that it works for Adium too.

Jabber ID:
Password: mypassword
Port: 5223
Connect using SSL selected
Allow self-signed certificates selected

Update: Looks like Google Talk has been officially released. They only have a client for Windows right now, but provide instructions on using Jabber-compatible IM clients on other platforms.

One Response to “Google Talk and iChat”

  1. Himanshu Says:


    Yes the type chat works. But does voice work as well between iChat on OSX and Google Talk on WinXp?

    I see many ill-informed posts or misguiding posts from people who are claiming that voice works as well between the two platforms.

    Let me know if you know something.