Feb 09

Mac OS X 10.3.8 is now available via Software Update. Improvements include:

* Addresses an issue with Mac OS X 10.3.7 in which iChat, Mail, or other network-based applications could take a long time to open.
* Addresses an issue in which a computer wouldn't always restart automatically after a power failure, even when the Energy Saver preference option "Restart automatically after a power failure" was selected.
* Improves the performance of Blizzard World of Warcraft's "Full Screen Glow" video feature.
* Improves DVD Player compatibility when playing a movie (using certain ATI Radeon cards) to an external widescreen TV with a 16:9 aspect ratio.
* Resolves an issue in which a "flicker" could be seen when navigating DVD menus in DVD Player on certain PowerBook G4 computers.
* Addresses an issue in which a PowerBook G4 computer would, on rare occasion, wake from sleep with a black screen and not respond to any keyboard, mouse, or trackpad input.
* Addresses "jumping cursor" issues that might occur when using your portable computer's trackpad with your thumb, side of thumb, or a "flat" finger.
* Resolves an issue on certain Power Mac G5 computers where a fan cycles erratically at unexpected times, such as when Seti@home software is running.
* Speeds up Address Book and Mail LDAP lookups that are performed by a Cisco DistributedDirector DNS server.
* Addresses an issue that could prevent clients using the Active Directory plugin from binding to their Active Directory server.

14 Responses to “Mac OS X 10.3.8 Update”

  1. Desmond R F Foulger Says:

    Rather than “cure” erratic fan noise on my G5 2.0GHz DP Gen 1 computer (which was never a problem, I now get moderate fan noise for up to 30 seconds, sporadically during such tasks as sending Mail or saving files. A case of fine tuning too fine, I think

  2. Tim McElwee Says:

    I have had the same issues of erratic fan noise since installing the 10.3.8 update on my G% 1.8GHz DP Gen 1 machine yesterday.

  3. Keith N. Says:

    Me three… Since 10.3.8 my G5 2ghz DP now has fans itself loudly every 10minutes unexpectedly. Its annoying. Before the update my mac was super quiet.

  4. m.r. Says:

    I upgraded my G5 yesterday, and immediately the fan noise was immense on power up.

    Before the update, no fan noise at idle and light duty. Now fans are on all the time!

    It’s bad. Apple screwed up. We need a patch now. Fscktards.

  5. Leigh Says:

    I have a G4 PB Ti after 10.3.8 the screen stays black on battery start up so now it does not operate unless the power is connected and then some times even starting up on power it stays black. I need my PB every day at work and I am worried that it might not any screed start up. I use my home eMac to back up the PB to my iPod via Target starting my PB and using firewire cable. I’m stuffed what to do next or how long I have to wait till

  6. slapz Says:

    Yea I’m with you guys. I run a G5 2ghz DP both at work and at home and they both have the fan issue where there wasn’t any before the .8 update.

  7. Logan Says:

    G5 1.8 DP – I’m having the same issue. Ever since I updated my fan revs up sporadically. Actually it seems like it’s often associated with activity, like opening new windows in Safari or Mail. Is anybody going back to .7 or are you just living with it?

  8. Name Says:

    I had the same problem on new G5 dual 2ghz. I read on another site to set the processor performance to HIGHEST in the energy saver control panel in lieu of AUTOMATIC. This seems to have solved the problem for me, at least until an update is posted by Apple.

  9. Logan Says:

    I found the same thing in the Apple discussions. Seems to do the trick.

  10. Noel Says:

    My G5 used to sit quietly working away with barely a whisper, and now it too fires up its fans from time to time now with 10.3.8, so thanks for the tip.

  11. Ray Says:

    I have the same fan issue with my dual 1.8. Sometimes, I just get the grey apple screen on startup, along with he spinning wheel of torture…it just stays there for a while, and thenm the fan begins to rev up…getting faster and faster until I turn off the computer. Anybody else having startup issues?

  12. Graeme Says:

    I had the same fan problem on my dual 2.0 thanks for the tip!

  13. Mike Says:

    G5 – same fan noise issue with 10.3.8. I don’t agree that setting the processor performance to “highest” resolves the problem, nor should we have to resort to that option.

  14. Apple Repair Engineer - Devon Says:

    Hi everyone, it’s strange how it only effects some G5’s we have 6 and it has only affected one of them. Setting the processor performance to “highest” is a good tip though , I was going to post the solution on here myself but I’ve just seen people have already done so (I don’t feel so cleaver anymore)