Feb 27

Jef Raskin passes away.

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Considered by many to be the “Father of the Macintosh”, Jef Raskin passed away on Saturday, February 26th, 2005.

Feb 23

Apple announces new iPods

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Apple has announced new iPod mini models with 6G of storage for $250 (the 4G models are now $199) as well as a new 30G iPod photo for $349.

Feb 23

Security Update 2005-02

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Apple’s Security Update 2005-02 addresses a security hole in Java 1.4.2:

CVE-ID: CAN-2004-1029

Impact: Updates Java to address an issue where an untrusted applet could gain elevated privileges and potentially execute arbitrary code.

Description: A vulnerability in the Java Plug-in may allow an untrusted applet to escalate privileges, through JavaScript calling into Java code, including reading and writing files with the privileges of the user running the applet. Releases prior to Java 1.4.2 on Mac OS X are not affected by this vulnerability.

Feb 09

Mac OS X 10.3.8 is now available via Software Update. Improvements include:

* Addresses an issue with Mac OS X 10.3.7 in which iChat, Mail, or other network-based applications could take a long time to open.
* Addresses an issue in which a computer wouldn't always restart automatically after a power failure, even when the Energy Saver preference option "Restart automatically after a power failure" was selected.
* Improves the performance of Blizzard World of Warcraft's "Full Screen Glow" video feature.
* Improves DVD Player compatibility when playing a movie (using certain ATI Radeon cards) to an external widescreen TV with a 16:9 aspect ratio.
* Resolves an issue in which a "flicker" could be seen when navigating DVD menus in DVD Player on certain PowerBook G4 computers.
* Addresses an issue in which a PowerBook G4 computer would, on rare occasion, wake from sleep with a black screen and not respond to any keyboard, mouse, or trackpad input.
* Addresses "jumping cursor" issues that might occur when using your portable computer's trackpad with your thumb, side of thumb, or a "flat" finger.
* Resolves an issue on certain Power Mac G5 computers where a fan cycles erratically at unexpected times, such as when Seti@home software is running.
* Speeds up Address Book and Mail LDAP lookups that are performed by a Cisco DistributedDirector DNS server.
* Addresses an issue that could prevent clients using the Active Directory plugin from binding to their Active Directory server.